Monday, August 01, 2005

Tempting Completed

Yes, I finally have a FO to report on this knitalong. I'm very excited for that. Just a couple of shots to show the finished result. I picked out two ribbon colors, one is a sheer ivory, which I didn't take the picture with and the other is a taupe, sort of pale brown color.
The front a la Rachael:

and one of the back:

Project: Tempting from Knitty
Yarn: Katia Bufalo, color 17(dusky teal)
Project started: 4/17/2005
Project completed: 7/31/05

Yikes, I just realized it took me 3 months to knit this thing up, so much for it being a quick knit. Although it did lounge around my house for about 3-4 weeks waiting for me to finish it up. Donna is lounging now. I don't forsee me making a blocking board anytime soon, so we'll just forget about that for now. Anyway, overall, I'm very pleased with this project. Initially, actually the whole time I knit this thing, I was concerned about it not fitting. I would normally make the 40" size, but with my gauge, I was not getting the gauge the pattern called for, but I didn't want to go down a needle size, because the fabric would be very dense. I also didn't do a circular gauge swatch and my gauge always tends to go down a bit, so I was concerned Tempting wouldn't fit. I chose to knit the smaller size, 36", only because when I figured out my gauge of stitches per inch and multiplied it by the size I wanted, it matched the number of stitches for size 36, so I followed that size and it worked (this time)! After I did the trial shot, I was quite surprised to see that it fit, so after that, I was bit more inspired to finish it. Now, that I tried it on with a ribbon, first of all, it's still a bit big, especially in the back, so I'm glad I did make this with the intention of wearing it with a ribbon. Otherwise, it wouldn't fit right. Once I put it on yesterday with the ribbon, I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice it fits. I would definitely consider making another one, especially in a more elastic yarn, or wool. The fit is more complimentary than I expected, so I'm quite happy with it. Definitely a successful knit.

That's all for me. Thanks all for the help and comments from others. This has been a fun knitalong.