Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tempting Still Isn't Done

But I'm getting closer. Everybody says this is a quick knit, but I guess ribbing bores me. Sometimes I can get into a rhythm and get some knitting going with this 2x2 ribbing, but mostly I just get bored with it. I am getting closer now as I'm up to 15 inches, which is where I stopped to begin the sleeves, because I wanted my Tempting to be at least 22 inches, I made the body a little longer and then began for the sleeves. I am also making the sleeves a little longer (5 inches), which really isn't very long either. I am hoping to have this done in the next two weeks. I'm kind of tired of this thing.
Here is a picture of progress, thus far, although it was taken last week and I've now completed the first sleeve and am more than halfway with the second sleeve
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